Division of Gene Diversity

Laboratory of Gene Environmental Biology
Professor: Tamotsu OOTAKI
Associate Professor: Hironao KATAOKA

  Analysis of effects of environmental factors on fungal and plant growth and development and their controlling mechanisms for gene expression.

Laboratory of Gene Regulation Biology
Professor: Toshiaki KAMEYA
Associate Professor: Akira KANNO-SHIOTSUKI

  Analysis of gene expression of transgenic plants and the mechanisms of sex differentiation in dioecious plants.

Laboratory of Gene Adaptation Biology
Professor: Hideyuki TAKAHASHI
Associate Professor: Atsushi HIGASHITANI

  Analysis of molecular mechanisms for biological adaptation to environmental stresses.
Division of Genetic Ecology in Changing Complex Environments

Laboratory of Genetic Ecology in Critical Environments
Professor: Tadashi KUMAGAI
Associate Professor: Tadashi SATO

  Analysis of a single or combined effects of ultraviolet-B radiation and high CO2 atmosphere on plants, fungi and plant-microorganism interaction.

Laboratory of Genetic Ecology of Plant-Microbe Interactions
Professor: Kiwamu MINAMISAWA
Associate Professor: Hisayuki MITSUI

  Integrated analysis of plant-microbe interactions in pedosphere.
Laboratory of Genetic Ecologyof Biological and Environmental Interactions
Professor: Masataka TSUDA
Associate Professor: Yuji NAGATA
  Analysis of adaptation, flow, and evolution of microbial and plant genetic informations under various ecosystems.