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またこの様な機会に恵まれましたら、より自信をもって研究発表や、ディスカッションが出来る様、今後とも努力を続けて行きたいと思います。 素晴らしい会に参加をさせて頂き、また沢山ご教授頂き、どうもありがとうございました。

長谷川 優(学士課程4年生)

北海道大学農学部・Derek GOTO研究室


Spotlight on Research article

Our undergraduate student, Yu Hasegawa, was selected as the first person to be profiled on the new Hokkaido University international website.  Check it out here.

Yu will be attending the Kobe meeting this weekend and will also present a poster on her research, so please say hello when you see her!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting and especially to discussions on new ideas for collaboration!



Japan-Australia International Symposium

Japan-Australia Symposium on Plant Sciences for Agriculture

11-12 December 2012, Murdoch University, Perth Australia.

Symposium group photo

I am pleased to report that the Japan-Australia Symposium we organised was held successfully in Perth, Australia.  This symposium was supported by this Correlative Gene Systems Research Fund and fostered an atmosphere of positive and friendly exchange, strengthening the international linkage and sharing of knowledge between Japan and Australia in the field of plant sciences.

This symposium included invited speakers from Japan and Australia, and was also attended by faculty, postdocs and students from around Australia and Japan who gave either short talks or poster presentations.  To facilitate active and open interaction, attendance was limited to a maximum of 50 participants.

There were some very interesting talks and judging from the general volume of conversation and subsequent positive feedback received, we are pleased to say that all aspects of the symposium went very well and the meeting was a great success!

More information and photos from the symposium can be found on the official website:

Symposium attendees during one of the presentations

Derek discussing his research with Prof. Mark Adams (Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sydney).


International Symposium


11-12 December 2012
Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

I am pleased to let you know about the Japan-Australia Symposium on Plant Science for Agriculture and hope you can consider attending this exciting event.  Topics include crop improvement, forest health, plant resources, and biosecurity. This symposium will feature scientists from Australia and Japan and aims to foster an atmosphere of positive and friendly exchange, strengthening the international linkage and sharing of knowledge between the two countries. We especially encourage graduate students to attend and take advantage of this opportunity to showcase their own research.

For more information, see the official website:

Organised by:
Derek Goto (Hokkaido University)
Mike Jones (Murdoch University)

Supported by:
Murdoch University, School of Biological Sciences
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas
Australian Society of Plant Scientists
Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists


Research Presentations: Australia

Derek has just come back from Australia, where he gave two presentations on the research carried out within this project and promoting the Correlative Gene System funding group overseas.

The first was an invited seminar in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) on 21 September.  There is a lot of great plant research happening at the Uni of Queensland and there was strong interest in our discoveries on the mechanisms for root-knot nematode infection.  Many enjoyable discussions with people in both Biol Sciences and Agriculture, also found out from Susanne Schmidt that root-knot nematodes are a major problem in sugarcane, an important industry for Queensland.  Thanks to Milos Tanurdzic for the invite!

Next stop was Adelaide for the ComBio2012 meeting, one of the biggest biological sciences meetings in Australia.  The good news was that our abstract got selected for one of the oral presentations so I had a chance to showcase our research to a broader audience among the Australian scientific community - after the good feedback now its time to start writing the paper and getting it published!!!